I was drawn to photography at a young age, but my early work was nothing to write home about. I'd fill up Kodak disposables with awkwardly framed textures and flash-illuminated living rooms and my parents would always be a bit hesitant to get anything developed.

I took a break for several years returning in my late teens to pick up Nikon's latest entry level offering and re-immerse myself in the world of photography. This set me on quite an obsessive path, I think there may have been less than three months between acquiring my trusty digital Nikon and finding myself in the basement of Manchester University's Student Union splashing around chemicals in a Darkroom. 

I found, and still find, the medium by which the images are taken to be a creative part of the photographic process. In this digital age there are still situations where film has advantages, and the gap between exposure and development enforces a more methodical, measured approach to capturing images.

I'm now lucky enough to own some of the best camera equipment on the market and I'll admit there are times when shooting at 36mp and cropping like a king is ideal. However, I still find time to shoot on my old film kit. There's an analog nuance digital just can't provide, and I'd much rather do something in-camera than attempt to replicate it in photoshop.

On this site you'll find an eclectic range of images taken by me: some film, some digital, some colour, some black and white.

What ever the medium and whatever the subject I hope you enjoy them.


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