DSLR Starter Guide

Made a quick guide to dslr settings. I guess people potentially got a camera as a gift over christmas or could have made their new years resolutions to take more photos or become a better photographer. 

This should cover Shutter-speed, Aperture and ISO, Exposure, Focusing, Metering and white balance in enough detail for you to understand their function and creative effect. If you feel I've left something out or if there's something you'd like covered don't hesitate to DM me on instagram though - I'm GMT+0 so unless it's 4am in the morning there I'll probably get back to you pretty quickly.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy and gain something useful from this! I'm going to itemise the different time-stamps for specific functions below to make skipping to the relevant details easier.


Exposure: 1:31
Shutter Speed 2:22
Aperture 2:55
I.S.O 5:46
Focusing 8:22
White Balance 10:11
Metering 14:02